Sag: 17802Vimmelskaftet 361161 København K

The lease has great potential for an upgrade to meet the modern retailer’s needs.

Subject to more technical inspections it is possible to increase the ceiling height by removing the suspended ceiling and refurbish the original ceiling.

Further, if the suspended ceiling is removed, it will be possible to insert glass in the top part of the facade / entrance to ”open” the shop even more.

Finally, it is very likely that the top step of the wooden floor can be removed subject to i.e. instalments and findings beneath the floor in order to have one clean level within the store.

Combined with a reduction in the lower (street) step by elevating the granite tile in the street and remove some of the plaster on top of the concrete step, the store will be perfectly accessible and in street level.

Overall this lease has great potential both in configuration, including all necessary facilities within one level, development and location.

The store is perfect for both fashion, shoes, opticians, cosmetics, accessories / jewellery and many other concepts, though the landlord seeks a conceptual retail brand as the future tenant.