Outstanding Advice

Cushman & Wakefield | RED provide advice within sales, leasing, tenant representation and valuation to the largest companies and players within real estate on the Danish real estate market. Our values in a complex and dynamic world consist of meticulousness, experience and responsibility.

Our goal is to deliver value-creating services with the highest possible professional quality in relation to the task. As professional advisers, we will meet and exceed customer expectations. We can do this because our combined organisational competences consist of a strong community of dedicated, satisfied and competent employees and partners with the market’s best research database.

We have the market’s best research database, and therefore, we can carry out tasks involving analyses and advice at a truly outstanding level of quality, based on a broker-oriented and academic approach.


  • Cushman & Wakefield | RED are one of the most professional players on the commercial real estate market.
  • Our clients primarily consist of professional investors on the Danish market, public and institutional players, Danish and international businesses as well as foreign funds.
  • We are specialised within investment properties, retail, valuation & advice, leasing as well as tenant representation.
  • Cushman & Wakefield | RED was founded in 2004, and today it consists of 43 dedicated real estate workers.


  • Nicholas Thurø
  • Bjarne Jensen
  • Bo Stevnss
  • Jesper Anderson
  • Kristian Vinggaard
  • Kjeld Pedersen
  • Lior Koren
  • Anders Krogh
  • Kim Søberg Petersen

Partnership with Cushman & Wakefield

Cushman & Wakefield | RED carries out tasks in Denmark for Cushman & Wakefield’s global clients when extensive local knowledge and expertise are important parameters.

Briefly about Cushman & Wakefield

  • One of the world’s three largest advisers on the commercial real estate market.
  • More than 51,000 employees in 400 offices in 71 countries.
  • The world leader in the retail segment.
  • Represents a number of the world’s largest retailers in connection with expansion.
  • Provides advice to the world’s largest companies within all aspects of real estate.