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This website uses cookies. We use cookies to adjust and target our content, to show you functions to social media and to track our traffic. We do share information about your use of our website with partners within social media, advertising- and analysis partners. By this policy we wish to create transparency and give you an overview of what the processing of your personal data entails, what you have to be aware of, as well your options to oppose the processing.

We are processing of personal data by the use of cookies

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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files, which the website places on your computer’s hard drive, smart phone or other electronic device. Furthermore, it refers to information about IP- and MAC-addresses and other information about your device. Cookies can be used by RED and third parties.

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How to avoid and delete cookies?

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What cookies does RED use and for what purposes?

Listed below are the cookies that the website uses on the Website as well as the duration and purpose(s) for using the cookies.