Case no.: 17603Baltikavej 242150 Nordhavn

We offer a great lease to companies that need a very low rent for a 2-year period. The lease has been continuously adjusted and has therefore been followed the trends in interior design. Large high-ceilinged rooms with great natural lighting combined with light wooden floors give the lease an exclusive expression.

The beautiful rooms, with nice light from the skylights, give your products an opportunity to be presented in an impressive way. Offices can be large open space offices, giving the least possible waste area. This combined with great areas for showrooms creates an opportunity for a combined efficient lease.

The location next to Nordhavn provides you with fresh air and a charming harbor area, while inner city is still nearby. Central Copenhagen is only a 15 minute drive away. The development of Nordhavn is important for the municipality of Copenhagen, and the area is experiencing major modernization and influx of citizens.