Case no.: 19612Bryghuspladsen 8 m.fl. 1473 København K

Move your business to BLOX – Denmark’s world for architecture, design and new ideas.

On 4th floor of BLOX, there is an available office lease of 156 m².

The lease has been designed with though of optimal design and a great inflow of light and has been build in quality materials such as floors of smoked oak parquet. Kitchen and toilet are equipped with elements from Paustian and fixtures from Vola.

Danish Architecture Centre (DAC) is located in the center of the BLOX. BLOX also have the innovation hub, BLOXHUB, the fitness center SATS, 22 rental apartments on 4th and 5th floor and the restaurant BLOX EATS. BLOX EATS also works as canteen for the property and offers indoor and outdoor serving.

Furthermore, BLOX has a variety of meeting facilities and underground parking.

BLOX is located at the harbour front in central Copenhagen between The Black Diamond and Langebro. Besides that, the bridge for cyclists and pedestrians are right next to the property. Lille Langebro connects the Bryghus ground at Vester Voldgade and Langebrogade at Amager.