Case no.: 20601Langebrogade 1-31411 København K

Raw and trendy office in former warehouse in first row for the water 

  • Lease of 2,002 m² in one floor
  • Beautiful, raw warehouse lease
  • Lovely view of the harbour and the city
  • Multi-user property with canteen, meeting centre, fitness etc.
  • Elevator
  • Parking on ground and in underground parking garage
  • Located at Lille Langebro and Cirkelbroen
  • Walking distance to Metro and bus

Beautiful warehouse lease wit lots of history. The property was built in the years 1912-1913 for use by De Danske Sukkerfabrikker. Today the property works as an efficient multi-user property with first-class shared facilities such as canteen, meeting entre, fitness, ball room etc.

The lease will be refurbished in a modern, raw and trendy New Yorker style med visible piping in the ceiling and installations and meeting rooms with black aluminium frames. Materials such as three, concrete and glass will be general elements in the lease.

For further information, please see prospectus or contact us at +45 33 13 13 99.