Case no.: 16624Lersø Parkallé 1122100 København Ø

We offer an attractive property for the company that needs office space and efficient utilization of all the rented square meters.

The property was built in 1952 and is in a very nice condition. The building is incredibly efficient, with very few unutilized square meters. This lowers the costs per emplyee significantly.

The floor layout of the office is currently designed with single offices, however, it is possible to reconstruct the design into open-plan offices. Additionally the large office of 2,126 m² can be split into 4 smaller offices starting at 250 m².

Lersø Park Allé is located at the end of the Helsingør Highway and close to Emdrup S-train station. The outher Østerbro is still close to central Copenhagen and with only 5 kilometres to Kongens Nytorv, you can easily have a lunch meeting in the city. From Emdrup S-train station, you are able to reach Nørreport Station within 10 minutes.