Case no.: 15805CLøvstræde 51152 København K

The biggest retail-project in Copenhagen City, “Postgaarden”, opens up for another lease.
Sephora opened their biggest flagship-store in scandinavia on Købmagergade. Likewise H&M’s highprofiled brand Arket opened their flagship-store. Furthermore Asics is opening on the corner of Købmagergade and Løvstræde. This will make the property one of the most visited on Købmagergade.
On the northern side of the property Løvstræde connects Købmagergade with Niels Hemmingsensgade, and this is where you have the possibility to become a part of the development.

The lease is 230 m² and consist of a groundfloor, first floor with a plateau and a basement. The lease has 5 windows facing Løvstræde and a windows towards the courtyard of Postgaarden.
This is your posibility to get an interesting leasing, and become a part of the spectacular retail project “Postgaarden”.