New office? Consider these 4 issues before making a choice!

Globally, the office lease market gets more and more diversified. This also applies to Copenhagen! New areas develop, the infrastructure is changing and is being upgraded, and with focus on the work-life-balance, the location of the work place has become important to the employees.

Therefore, when your company is relocating, there are several issues, which to consider that goes beyond how many square metres are required and the rent costs.

  1. Demography
    Does the area support the talent you want to attract and does the development of the area support the company’s HR strategy?
  2. Infrastructure
    An attractive location is essential not only in terms of employees but also in terms of customers and business partners. What does the infrastructure look like now and in the future?
  3. Surroundings
    Access to shopping, day care, educational facilities etc. all have a positive effect on the employees and create a better work-life-balance.
  4. Supply of Leases and Commercial Terms
    Is there the required supply of leases in the requested quality and size and are they available for when you need to move in, are the terms according to the market and is the rent cost-competitive?

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