Cushman & Wakefield | RED| Amaliegade 3, 5th floor, 1256 København K
Cushman & Wakefield | RED| Amaliegade 3, 5th floor, 1256 København K|VAT: 30 53 49 99|Phone: +45 33 13 13 99|Email:

Købmagergade 57,
1150 København

Lease in a growth area

The lease is located in the centre of Copenhagen at Købmagergade 57, a property from the 1900 century.

The lease consists of a total of 170 m², of which 91 m² is sales area, with an associated 43 m² secondary/staff room, 11 m² common area and approx. 25 m² basement. The lease has three large facade windows, which provide good visibility from Købmagergade. The landlord is prepared to renovate the lease according to the specific needs of a new tenant.

Behind the lease, there is a small yard environment which may, by special agreement will, be able to be included.