Cushman & Wakefield | RED| Amaliegade 3, 5th floor, 1256 København K
Cushman & Wakefield | RED| Amaliegade 3, 5th floor, 1256 København K|VAT: 30 53 49 99|Phone: +45 33 13 13 99|Email:

Møntergade 19,
1116 København

Copenhagens's most beautiful lease

Møntergade 19 is located in a beautiful early 20th century property called “Møntergården.”

The lease comprises 495,5 m², of which 260,5 m² is ground floor and 235 m² is in the basement. The basement can be used as a showroom like the current tenant. The lease features a wide shop front with four big windows facing Møntergade, which makes it very visible.

The lease is located in an area surrounded by strong brands such as Notabene, Humac, Holzweiler, J. Lindeberg and Paul Smith. Furthermore, the famous restaurant ”Restaurant Møntergade” is located 10 meters from the lease and the iconic park, Kongens Have, is at the end of the street.