Last week, RED Academy finished a successful educational course. The course took place at Jaudan on Bredgade 30, Copenhagen. The course offered a line of exiting presentation, such as floor space and restriction covenant, structured company trades and VAT on properties, law on business, and discounted cash flow.

RED Academy’s primary goal is to offer an inspiring and educational course for its participants. Therefore, RED Academy’s aims to present a relevant syllabus that reflects the current market. Red Academy further takes great pains in collecting external keynote speakers that are experts within their own individual working field. In his educational course, Patrizia Martinelli, Søren Kopp, Claus Bohn Jespersen, Nicholas Thurø, and Jesper Anderson visited RED Academy.

Besides being educationally enriched, RED Academy also wants the course to be obvious possibility to strengthen the network within the real estate business. The participants for this course were Cushman & Wakefield REDs own employees and external investors and other real estate companies.

RED Academy’s educational course live up to the Danish Association of Chartered Estate Agents demand about postgraduate courses.