Terms and conditions

By signing up ” Yes, I would like to be updated” I accept that Red Property Advisers P/S and Cushman & Wakefield | RED (accordingly named RED) may send me electronic post consisting of e-mails, SMS messages and MMS messages about products concerning of retail and office letting, sale of real estate, analysis, campaigns, press releases, invitations for events/workshops/fairs within my selected area of interest and marketing. This by apps, social media, the internet and other digital channels.

RED may collect and use the data about me and my activities and correlate the data with other information which RED already has or gets from other sites e.g. cookies from our website, inter alia, creating a profile that can direct personal application.

RED may share the data about me and my activities within the concern and may use such information to send me electronic mail and contact me for conditions that are adapted to my profile.

I can always revoke my consent by email or by opt-out link in the newsletters, as RED have shared my data with.

In case of other products of relevance, collaborators or new ways to communicate, RED may use this agreement to inform and ask me if I want to update my agreement or my personal data.

Click here to get information about REDs privacy policy. If you want to get more information about the data that RED use about you and to update the personal data please contact us at persondata@cw-red.dk.