Sag: 16805Købmagergade 411150 København K

Great ground floor sales area plus a very useful lower floor

The shop has within the past years been completely renovated and today it is easy for a new tenant to move in with the possibility to put its own impact on the future decor of the shop.

The lease is located on Købmagergade, where the pavement and the surroundings have been upgraded. Furthermore, this part of Købmagergade has become a desired area for well known and strong retail shops.

The lease constitutes of 105 m² ground floor and 105 m² lower floor. The lease appears bright and with a great atmosphere and top quality.

From the ground floor there is access to the lower floor, which previously has been used for personnel, however, the first part can easily be used as sales area as well.

In addition, the lease has great storage opportunities.

The lease was equipped with a completely new ventilation and cooling systems during the renovation as well. The lease is temporarily let to SODA, which runs a profitable business, but it is the landlord’s strategy to re-let the lease following the completion of Postgaarden and Købmagergade 39 to a strong retail brand to compliment the street further.

Many retailers will without a doubt find this location attractive.